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We believe capturing your day in photos is one of the most important parts of a wedding because you create a new medium in which to tell your story. Finding the right photographer to do this isn’t always easy, which is why we built a team of photographers whose aim is to provide you with stunning photos you will cherish forever.



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We try to keep our process as simple as possible to make an already stressful wedding planning agenda just a little more manageable. We’ve boiled down our process into 4 steps:


On Your Wedding Day

Your photographers will show up early in the day to get acquainted with the venue and plan out where they will need to be for the best shots. Planning beforehand with either the wedding planner or the bride will allow us to have a schedule for specific shoots such as family photos, groomsmen and bridesmaids photos, and so on. Outside of the scheduled shoots, your photographer will be collecting scenes from the day. During the ceremony, your photographer will float around and make sure all the best angles are covered and the ‘money-shots’ are perfectly captured.




Our Equipment

Producing high-quality photography requires pretty powerful equipment. Our photographers commonly use Canon 5d Mark iii, which is the standard for event photography, as well as the Nikon 7300. We want you to come away with some amazing photos that last forever, so using higher-end tools is a high priority for our team.


Our Editing Process

Wedding photography is like an iceberg; you see only the tip of it during shoots at your wedding, but there is an enormous part you don’t see below the surface in editing. We use Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Adobe Photoshop Elements & Lightroom to bring your photos to life and give them the high-quality that makes them professional.



Our team has grown over the past couple years, which has given us the opportunity to work in some really cool places! If you’re looking to get married in any of the places listed below, you will have access to Rooted Pine professionals who provide consistent, quality service wherever we are.


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