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Weddings are essentially a giant party with all your favorite people ready to celebrate - sounds like the perfect event for a DJ! We want to send you off to your honeymoon with a bunch of amazing memories with your friends and family, which is why we do all the planning and prep so you don’t have to worry about a thing for your party.


Rooted Pine

We’ve been doing weddings and events for over 5 years, so we’ve seen it all and have some great stories to share!



Check out our work and make us part of your story! We want to make your party perfect for you :)



We want to keep things simple, so our standard package includes everything you need to have an amazing party. Check it out!


Your New York City Wedding DJ Team


How It Works

We try to keep our process as simple as possible to make an already stressful wedding planning agenda just a little more manageable. We’ve boiled down our process into 4 steps: Choose your package, meet your DJ, get married, and enjoy your party!



We want you to know exactly what’s going to happen on your wedding day so you can have the peace of mind necessary to focus on what really matters. On your big day, your DJ team will show up at the predetermined time and location and will begin setup. We will then review the day with you or your wedding planner to make sure everybody is on the same page. Once your ceremony is over, we will go ahead and initiate the party!




New York City Is Our Home

In 2016 Georgia was named the number three location in the world for film production, second only to New York and California. From films like the The Hunger Games or The Fast and the Furious to hit shows like The Walking Dead, Atlanta is accelerating creative possibilities for the industry worldwide. The city’s attractive tax incentives, busy airport, and preferable climate have driven nearly 3,000 motion picture and television industry businesses to call Atlanta home.


Atlanta is also the home of a thriving wedding industry. Whether you fancy the luxury of an Midtown venue like the Biltmore Hotel or the rustic, southern comfort of the Foxhall Resort & Sporting Club, Atlanta has it all. With an estimated 37,000 weddings per year, Georgia is overflowing with venues, venders, and endless possibilities for your big day. Rooted Pine is fortunate to be a one of the core contributors to the wedding space in our wonderful city, and we would be honored to partner with you and your wedding vision here in Atlanta.


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