"Seeing the impact we have on the couples we work with makes this one of the best jobs in the world."


Our Story

Our founder, Austin Taylor, made his start as a freelancer in the film industry and has worked on all types of projects all over the country. Some of the production styles he’s worked on include feature films, documentaries, scripted television, unscripted television, commercial films for broadcast and for web, and internal corporate films.

After starting to film weddings, he found most couples wanted to avoid the risk of hiring a vendor who might be getting started as an amateur or using weddings as a side hobby, and would much rather have a team of full-time professionals who could grant them peace of mind on their wedding day. To fill this need, Austin pulled together a team of experienced videographers he had worked with on documentaries and film-sets, and began focusing on weddings under the Rooted Pine brand.

Our company grew quickly and soon added wedding photography and wedding DJs to it’s services, with the same principles of professionalism applied. We are now pleased to be a top wedding brand, and have been featured in multiple wedding outlets for our work!

We understand the magnitude of your wedding day, so we take our time to get to know each of our couples personally in order to create the perfect wedding photos or videos for you to watch time and time again. We don’t just walk into your lives with a camera, like paparazzi. We are your private wedding team, capturing every detail.
— Tom Paul, Rooted Pine Director
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Our Mission

We go into every wedding with the same mindset of “let’s make this wedding the best one yet”. We do all the planning before festivities begin, so on the day we are invisible and behind the scenes, letting you soak everything in. This way, our mission to create the best possible wedding film or album doesn’t interfere with your wedding. We are able to execute efficiently and effectively while staying completely out of the way.


What sets us apart

  • Commitment to excellence in our product and in our interactions with clients.

  • Quality experience; not much will surprise us!

  • Customer-centric attitude; we make sure you are completely satisfied no matter what.

  • A wider range of skills since we work in videography, photography and entertainment.

  • A team-oriented culture that allows us to continuously improve with each other.

  • We love what we do! This is our craft that we’re proud of and we plan to make more couples happy :)


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